Online Poker Estimation Tools

Online Poker Estimation Tools

There are a lot of options for online poker estimation tools. Whether you want to use a tool from Troopr or Slack's app directory, there is an option for you. Choosing the right tool is critical. It needs to be easy to use, but also provide accurate information.



Troopr is an online planning poker estimation tool that helps distributed agile teams to engage in collaborative estimates and retrospectives. It is an easy to use and inexpensive tool that provides teams with instant engagement and actionable insights.

Troopr integrates deeply with Jira Software and Slack. As a result, team members can report internal issues and collaborate in real time. This is an ideal solution for any distributed team that is spread across different time zones.

Troopr automates the most common Scrum ceremonies, such as daily standups and retrospectives. In addition, it provides actionable and rich insights. Moreover, the tool's integration with Jira and Slack helps to ensure consistency in workflow behaviors.

Troopr also lets you conduct a planning poker session from your Slack workspace. With a few clicks, you can configure check-ins for a group of people or for individual team members. You can even use custom fields.

One of Troopr's most powerful features is its automated update of Jira estimates. This feature saves valuable time and allows session facilitators to act quickly on Jira issues.


Chpokify is an online poker estimation tool that is free to use and provides users with useful features. It is also easy to use.

The free version includes 10 users, and the paid plans are available with more users and features. You can try the app for 14 days without making a single payment.

In order to get the most out of the app, you may want to sign up for a paid plan. These plans also include extra features such as video calls.

The free version of Chpokify allows users to create a poker room and invite team members via an invitation link. However, you will need to register your business or organization in order to take advantage of the full features of the software.

One of the most popular features of this software is the planning poker game. It combines gaming and estimation techniques to increase collaboration within teams.

Chpokify offers an auto-summary feature to show you how well your team is doing. Additionally, it allows you to analyze data based on progress levels. This allows you to keep track of your teams performance, and detects any risks early.

Slack's app directory

The Slack App directory offers a wide range of online poker estimation tools for teams to use. These tools can be used to automate estimations, enhance engagement, and help teams deliver more efficiently. They can also be integrated with existing workflow tools.

Planning Poker is one of the most effective ways to estimate work in an Agile team. It is a game-like process that involves estimating relative size of stories. Teams reveal cards and discuss their estimates until they are ready to make a final decision.

The Poker Planner app allows users to perform estimations using the planning poker technique. This open source project is hosted on Github.

Poker Planner is easy to use. The app allows users to run a poker planning session with "run now" feature. It also remembers the last settings of the channel.

Team O'clock is another planning poker estimation tool that provides structured meetings for daily standup and estimation sessions. It also allows remote teams to coordinate via asynchronous sessions.


Planning Poker is an agile estimation tool that helps teams estimate work. The app allows teams to estimate their time remotely or in person. It's also useful for prioritizing items on an agile roadmap.

Planning Poker allows users to customize their estimates. Teams can import user stories into the app, and it's easy to skip stories, too. Team members can vote on each story, and the results can be exported to a project management tool 온라인카지노.

Plan Poker is easy to use, and it includes a private URL for sharing, allowing team members to view issue information and estimating data without sharing a personal URL. In addition, it provides anonymous voting.

Planning Poker is especially good for agile teams because it encourages engagement. After a team's cards are revealed, participants can then vote on their individual estimates. This helps eliminate bias and boost morale.

Online poker cost estimation tools are a great way to help teams estimate work. They provide a lightweight environment that's ideal for smaller teams, and they're available for free or at a low price.


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